Name this Block-A tutorial

Yes, singular word, BLOCK. It takes 2 to make ONE. I’m part IRISH and naturally I am partial to this pattern…

  block one  block two

 If you recognized it as an Irish Chain you would be correct. Actually it is called Double Irish Chain. And it looks really intense with all those little squares, but let me show you a quick way to get perfect squares without all the cutting and sewing each one.

Go to your Jelly Rolls and see what you have on hand that would work. I am going to make Block One using strips sewn together..

This pattern requires odd number of rows and columns to make a symetrial quilt pattern.

The strip sets require the dark to be your main “chain” through out your entire quilt.. so make sure you have enough fabric in that DARK to make the size quilt you want. **note: I used some left over jelly rolls to illustrate what your strip sets should look like. Feel free to use any colors you want…if you don’t have Jelly rolls, then cut strips of fabric 2.5 inches wide by the width of fabric from what you have on hand.**

Set one:

dark, medium, light, medium dark. Sew your strips together in that order.. see picture above for set one.

Set two:

Medium, dark, medium, dark, medium

Set three:

light, medium, dark, medium, light.

For ONE block you will need to cut —-

 2 strips of set one 2.5 inches wide.

2 strips of set two 2.5 inches wide

1 strip of set three 2.5 inches wide


I hope you can see how this is going to look.. SEW those Strip sets together to match the photo.. or sew strips as follows: strip set one, strip set two, strip set three, strip set two, strip set one. (that is 5 colums across and 5 down)

Block 2


Block two is rather simple and you can cut the sides and corners from 2.5 inch strips.. It’s only that center block that requires some wider fabric… It is a 6.5 x 6.5 square of matching fabric in the LIGHT from your block one fabric selection.

The sides are also from that same light fabric. The corners need to match the Medium fabric from block one.. and there it is… Two FABRICS for Block Two.

Let’s put them together and see how this ONE pattern forms from TWO different 10 inch blocks.. greens to green, pinks to pink.. but the black is your CHAIN.. done the Irish way!! 

These 4 blocks took me a couple hours from deciding and finding some fabric; taking photos as I went along took up a wee bit of time, but the writing was the hardest part.. any quiestions? leave me a comment or go to  my inspiration link for more information…  

Granny Judy, May 2012

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3 Responses to Name this Block-A tutorial

  1. Barb Oaker says:

    That’s a wonderful pattern and what a good shortcut! Thanks for sharing, Judy!!

  2. Vicki Robles says:

    A wonderful and effective pattern for the double irish chain. Thank you for sharing Judy!!

  3. Blondie says:

    You’ve got a winner of a tutorial here Judy! Thank you for sharing.

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