card stamping, block making day

It’s always fun to get new stamps in the mail.. Yes, I’ve been on Ebay again…bidding my whole check away!!   WON several bids so I’ll be stalking the Mail Man/ Postal worker everyday til all my “goodies arrive.  

Then I got a notice from Missouri Star Quilting Company on their new Utube tutorial.   And going to the store, found that the pattern has been sold out..  but that didn’t stop me!!  I watched that tutorial  a few more times then set out to make that Block.

OK, the mistake I made was the square in a square block—instead of using 2×2 inch for the white, I used 2.5 x 2.5 inch squares for the corners.  I still like the Block and will put it in the stash pile for my “sampler” quilt.    And I have a brown block all cut and waiting for a put together. 

My week looks like it is filled with :

Cutting, stacking, ironing and sewing these little blocks together til I have enough for a quilt!!

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