Bread & Tomatoes

Time to bring out another OLD favorite recipe.. these are from MY memory from learning to cook with My MOM.    We were really poor and MOM got real inventive with some of her cooking…. so try it!!  YOU’ll be surprised at the taste as well as the money saving  recycling.    Quit feeding the left over bread to the BIRDS..

We never let anything go to waste and those end slices or 1/2 slices of bread were saved and recycle.. This may not look fancy, but goodness it tastes great, especially in the winter time when fresh veggies are long gone and all you have is canned goods.

a can of tomatoes.  3 or 4 slices of bread, seasoning (salt, pepper) and 1/4 cup of sugar.

just dump it all in a pan, breaking the bread into small pieces, heat (don’t boil) and serve.  I like to add a bit of lemon pepper in place of real pepper  and sometimes a T. of cilantro.   Yes, you need sugar!!  it takes away the acidity of the tomatoes and little ones love it.

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