Glimpse into the future….

The Getting Green  ads and info I find on line.. actually it pops up on my “home page” has me reliving some things from my past..and wondering about the future!!     I’ve lived thru the times  where everyone was responsible for keeping their cub boards filled with food that they had to raise, gather and preserve..  Days were spent sterilizing jars and cutting up fruits, vegetables, meats that went into them for the Canning Process. 


 It was all home grown..

Now YOU have Freeze Dried. 

Then came the era when you ran down to the grocery store for a loaf of bread and jug of milk instead of milking the cow and baking your own..   times when stores only carried the basics meat, potatoes.  flour, sugar and salt.   UP to today, I didn’t think much about how fast times were changing..esp at that grocery store!!

Mom and Pop stores are gone.. only the large “chain” grocer exists today.. and I miss that jar of candy at the check out where you got a “free” stick of peppermint when you spent more than $5.00.  I could watch the butcher actually CUT off a hunk of meat, wrap it, and hand it to MY MOM.  If I was positioned just right I even got a glimpse of the “cow” hanging in the big walk in cooler.  And you knew exactly what part of the cow your steak was cut from .

That was then…


This is NOW…


 And where have all the “bag boys gone”… those summer jobs for the High school boys that kept them from hanging out on the streets and getting into trouble.   Strong boys who saved your back and arms from overload injuries by carrying your groceries to the car and put them  inside for YOU… (just carry the eggs and bread yourself if you don’t want cracked and squeezed items).

I dare you to find a “bag boy” now that doesn’t refer to golfing.Item image


I keep wondering how long it will be before there are no longer any cashiers to greet you as you tally up your items at the store.. they no longer deal with checks and very little cash.   I see more and more “self Check out” areas/lines and less real people..   We all  have our “credit card” and no longer need a Check Book or Large Sums of Cash. 


Today we just swip and go…..

Are we really ready to jump into the Jetson’s life style??   I think I would like it better if life just slowed down a little and let me get use to one new way of doin things instead of the constant UPGRADEs   & CONVENIENCEs…      As far as seeing into the future—everything will be scanned as you throw away an empty container for recycling before it will be replaced by sending it to your door…..


Then there will be NO grocery stores, super markets, or fast food places… just scan the empties before the big computer in the sky sends you more!!   

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One Response to Glimpse into the future….

  1. I live in a small rural community in Missouri and we have a local grocery store that’s part of a small but well-known chain in this arae. They have bagboys who not only bag your food for you, but they also carry the bags to your car and load them into your trunk. These young men never fail to inquire about the status of my garden, the weather forecast or my hummingbirds. These same young men are offended if you even hint at giving them a tip!! Most of these young men are working to help out their families in these tough times…I say God bless them!!!

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