fermented food



**No COOK Method catagory…**

remember this jar??  well the cabbage fermented nicely over the past couple of months!!   It is DELICIOUS!!!    Very tangy, crunchy, and addictive.   I kept it in a very dark, cool spot – forgot about it.. Found it this past week and tho the top layer looked darker (no foaming black stuff growing on it)  I just dumped the whole thing into a colander, let the liquid drain off and served up the rest.   Stored the left overs in a zip lock bag  in the refrig.     

That was one head of cabbage, 1/2 cup salt, 1/4 cup  caraway seeds and enough water to cover the cabbage when weighted down with the pint of water in a canning jar..and plate large enough to get all the little pieces held under for their bath!!  I then stored it in a cool, dark, dry place and forgot about it for a couple of months.  

  (bet ya didn’t know there was a strain of German in me Irish bones?  LOL) 

now what to do with these little candle holders.. ??   Dolly, Rabbit & Bear… OH, MY

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