decisions, decisions, decisions—-


Here they are!! stacks and stacks everywhere.   Half Square Triangles.    Now to decide on how to put them together..A Pattern is called for.   Or maybe several different ones..

I just don’t know.   It gets so confusing at this stage since the possibilities are so many.  

I will have to let this sit awhile since today is Shopping DAY.. time to make the Grub Run.   

I had a major melt down last week end

 while at Wally World.   They are “re-doing” the aisles and areas.   I couldn’t find a thing!!    First the aisle are narrower.    And stuff is stacked higher.   I felt like I was in a cavern.      Nothing is where it once was.. and the aisle run a different direction than what they once were.   Instead of east to west, they are now north to south.   Blocks off the exits!! Ya can’t see them.  Why does anything have to be stacked higher than 6 feet tall??  I can’t see UP THERE, Can YOU???

I get so darn angry when stores do this.   As a consumer I am NOT STUPID and am feeling the tug on my pocket already… Now there is no diguising the picking of pockets.. they jam you into these pens, where all the cheapest made items are at eye level (thankfully I don’t have children in my cart these days)  and packaging continues to shrink while the prices climb.   And the quality of  items is so poor that “made in Japan” means Japans makes it for USA…they don’t want any of it. 

I rant and rave.. refuse to shop there.. but there isn’t anyone I can take my complaint to… there isn’t ONE person at that STORE who has the authority to change a thing.  Those employees are just THAT.. employees without any say in how their store operates….. where is the manager/s??  That is only in name for the “flunky who does what they are told”..    OK, I’m off my soup box.

But I’m STILL ANGRY…..   Granny

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