Dog Hair and Home repair

I just had to rhyme the title..forgive me.   It just sounded so appropriate when I wrote this. 

DD#2 is sitting in  “command central”  (The big chair she used after surgery on her right knee)  It has all the remote controls  to the game and television with a laptop & phone within reach.  I know she has recovered when she is covered in Doggy Hair..  Pepper (lap) on the left and Mocha on the right..(left leg)  

the boards are cut and ready to be added to the closet/pantry area… I decided we needed more shelves around here.   The pantry area is just crammed with odds and ends of “used one time then stored” items.  

I did find a big-BIG collection of my stamps.   I’d forgotten where I stashed them, so when I cleaned out the closet to add more shelves, I found the 3 shoe boxes full of unmounted stamps..all neatly cataloged and in old cd containers.  Yeah, Hoooooo   I love my stamps!!


Then the contractors came and redid the Master suite  bathroom.  It is a tiny little closet size area that isn’t functional for showering.. NOW IT IS!!    It looks like the twin to my new shower area.. so no pictures.

Today I’ll be rounding up the drill bit, screws, hammer, level and electric screw driver to get those shelves put in place and the mess-es cleaned up.. I’m all about organizing and decluttering.

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