Sew, rest, knit-REPEAT

Work In Progress… the top photo is the back side of the quilt.. I didn’t have enough of either fabric for the back.. so I combined them in a LARGE 9 patch pattern..  I think this one is gonna be a reversible wonder..  (wonder-which side is the top or which is the bottom) 

 The picture below started off being the top.. I had lots of those 9 patches left over from a swap,,and the  4 blocks were dark enought to hold their own with My blue & brown blocks..walla..we are making a lap size square quilt..!! blues & brown

 Using up left overs doesn’t mean you can’t buy MORE… I ran out of the black, so while at Wally World, I had to pick up another skein of black..and Rust.. And other stuff they had on sale in the yarn section.     MY BAD!!  

Top-down knitting

Rust red & black

Next project has a good start…A stack of 60… Now what is this Granny up to??

I don’t like to be without a project in the waiting, so this week I have decided to finish up some more of those UFO’s  while starting some new things.    I can only work at my quilting for short periods of time, then I have to “sit” and rest the back…while sitting I grab my knitting needles and start another sweater.  Thus you’ll see me throw in some knitting inbetween my quilting… that’s just the way this woman Works.

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