Shinny & Clean…

old tub

Here is the old cobbled up shower and surround. 

And here is the NEW..just a step into and get clean..

I just had to give it a try.. The seat comes out and the safety bars are perfect.. Remember I am a Granny and need the security and safety of all this stuff.   I don’t always need the seat, but it is NICE to know I have the option of sitting down when the ol’ body refuses to move the way I want.    Yes, those are my dirty towels and washcloth.   I am CLEAN!!

It just took one day and the old tub was demolished with the new walk-in shower in place.. I won’t tell you about the SMELL of the grout lines they used to seal all the nooks and crannies—- Fumigate the PLACE, quick!

I hid in my sewing closet whilst all the noise and renovation was going…

Jelly Role Race & 3 Dudes

 I combined and conquered!!  It’s a decent size twin covering.. Ready for Spring.

Off to put together some blocks from the Floral Swap we had done at MSQC this past Fall.   I think I have enough to make 2 quilts..

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