It’s finishing time…

Once I figured out the sizes for the plain squares, I was on  a roll and finished my Block of the Month for Jan 2012 @  MSQC.. I’m almost caught up on my List—Late or need to finish NOW..  My block measure 12×12 unfinished.. I believe it’s because I had a larger seam than the 1/4 called for..but all is good as long as I keep that same setting for my seam allowance.   I rather like this block and will be using some of that Vintage/civil war fabrics In my STASH.


It is finished, including the label.. Fabric is called Blueberry Crumb Cake.. I did the double slice pattern from a tutorial by Jenny Doan @ missouri Quilt Company.  I stippled all over and tried a swirl pattern (border)..but I still have to practise more.   I got jerky hands!! 

This quilt is large and took up all my sewing space, so It had to get finished before I could sew anything else.  My lil’old machine is happy too!!   She got a good cleaning and day’s rest.

Now I have another little quilt in mind and ready for the machine.. still trying to figure how to put the applique on it.  It’s a rather large applique and I’m thinking I want some “stuffing” for a 3-D effect.

Got to head out this early morning to get some blood work done.. my 6 month check up- wellness clinic.   My cholesterol isn’t behaving..and My thyroid stopped working now.   Nothing to eat or drink before the TEST….  ugh!!    I’ll take along a cuppa and have it right after the vamp’s are done with me.     It’s taking all my will power to stay out of the kitchen!!




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