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It’s done and the additional info (with images) has been added to the page..  Machine Quilting-straight Stitching.. page   I took a ton of photos thru the process, but only used a fraction of them.   If there is any step or process you don’t understand, just leave me a comment  and I’ll try to make that part clearer.   It’s been an icky week for me since I had to share in the germs that were floating about the house.   

It has rained 3 days in a row and nothing much has been getting done, except take meds, eat, drink lots of fluids, and finish up all these little projects laying around and in my way of getting onto another project– Iron Quilter Challenge  AT Missouri Quilt Company dot com.    Ends Dec 5th, so hurry and get your order in and start sewing, cutting & sweating!!   There’s lots of competition. 

More to come as I get thru this competition.. Got my supplies, got my design drawn out, & got the machine oiled up and ready to sew!!    Good luck for those who are joining in this challenge.. but ya gotta know I’m in it to WIN!!!   




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