Finishes and Surprises

A finish

Knitting from top to bottom has become quite a fasination for me.. And I modeled this Green Multi after a favorite Black sweater I got back in 2006.. light weight, easily slipped on or off and traveled well….  I love how the sleeves work right in and you can cutomize them to fit your likes and sizes.. All is left is the buttons and blocking..

Stuffed and ready.

Yuppers, it came together rather quickly once I had enought of the poly fill for each item.. Isn’t He Cute??

Ebay Bargain?

And now for a Surprise purchase off of Ebay.. I was looking for big batches of material and this one just couldn’t be passed up. 

   Listed as 150+ different patterns, fat quarter sizes and up. for quilting and crafts.   Well what was NOT said… it is all upholstery & drapery samples from a “store”…  neat, Clean and WhaT A BARGAIN!!   Except NOT for Quilting

What to do??   Well there’s some great sizes for place mats,  table runners, rugs, bags.. Yeah, Grocery bags!!   We always take our own instead of using Plastic… and then run out, so we wind up with plastic anyhow.. That Drapery Material should work out rather nicely….and not break my machine trying to sew pieces together.   Any other Ideas??   leave me a comment with your ideas..


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