I must be living Right… Thanks to a post and pms over at MQC I am now the proud owner of all 12 Blocks “Patch In Time 1998”  and it didn’t take $79.00!   At around 1/2 the cost and a VERY sweet lady These arrived in the mail yesterday.     (doin’ the happy dance..)  Now I CAN make the full size quilt!!

pinned & sewn

Swap blocks. Xmas

The stack on the left are sewn.. stack on the right ready for the stitches.   Wheew, That is 24 blocks at the half way mark.   These get cut, then sewn again..before I can call them done.    OH, Yeah.. I need 8 more for the 30 peeps who signed up for this swap.    I work on the stacks after supper each evening…doing a few each day til I getter done.   I almost hate to give up these blocks since they make a great looking quilt for Christmas.    But Wait !   I GET 30 Blocks BACK—-

machine binding

Yup,  2 small (crib size) quilts done and awaiting machine binding.  Keeping that second machine warmed up and working…  I thought I smelled a little HOT OIL coming from it, too.  I call this MY DAY JoB..   And I’d get lots more done if The Packages didn’t keep arriving…. Thanks to my E-bay shopping spree.

This was the 4 lb box of goodies..  I covered up alot with that bandana fabric, but it’s 1/2 yard & fat quarter sizes in every color except purple..   All cotton and a nice size homespun item.   This is only about 1/2 of the stuff I got during my E-Bay affliction.. 

I’d stalk the mail man/person, except I have too many project to get finished and out the door.   Anyways,   I noticed with the down turn in economy and cut back everywhere, that the mail service is slightly different.   If there are any packages coming We don’t seem to get them except on Monday or Friday….. When there should be a package a day,, they seem to arrive in Batches.. in my case,,,,, boxes

 OK, my break time is over and I gotta press that binding and get it on those quilts.  Then it’ll be time for supper..   Cheeseburger Pie,  French Fries, Tomato salad, choc cake and exhausted ME.


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One Response to Score!

  1. Sharon says:

    That’s awesome! Way to go, Mom…looks like you’ve got your winter plan all coming together. I got my Featherweight back from being serviced and I’m dying to try it out, but school is just not letting up. Switched over to OB rotation and more busywork along with exams. Will try and call over the weekend…another big exam coming up, but I’ll call on a study break. Love ya!! DD #1

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