My Days…and Nights

Happily sewing away making the 3 Dudes Blocks for a Christmas swap…  and when I get tired of looking at all the bright fabrics,,, I head into the front room sewing area  to work on quilting the Log Cabin quilt (twin size)..   Around here No patters of little paws/feet, Just clatter of sewing machines.      

 Here is the  Ebay Shopping BINGE!!  all precuts waiting for Me to decide what the H#@@ to make with it all.   In the big box marked priority mail are the vintage fabrics.. all over 1/4 yards each. probly about 30 pieces.. And YES, I know what I want to do with that batch.. Civil War Blocks…and maybe a few HOBO Blocks..  But I’m feeling the crunch of getting some quilting finished so there will be Gifts under the tree for the kiddos..    The reds, whites & blues go into a stack for the Patriotic quilt that is on my TO DO list.  

I really don’t keep a list, just thoughts rambling around in my head….ALOT!    And there are some nights I’m awake and sewing   ALL night!!    which just ruins my day time activities…but heck.. I’m retired, a widow and No specific demands are made on my time..other than I gotta EAT regularly. 

Finally got some decent thread and put it right where I can actually “see” it… and at the bottom right side is a surprise pin cushion sent to me by Cynthia… I just linked her to my Yo Yo Angel How To..     I think those prairie points are just amazing for a pin cushion..   Thanks!!  I love it.

My decor for the table…inside the flat basket is hard candy scattered around the Indians feet.   It’s  a quick pick-me-up thru the day..     Yes, It’s getting colder here,, with wet falling leaves that need to be swept away from the doorways before they get tracked in..   

And now that I am up so darn early,, 4:50 a.m.   I need another cuppa and something to EAT… Maybe today I’ll get a project finished so I can get back on a normal schedule .. sleep at night.. work/play during the day…  GRANNY


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