Warm Fall Days

Just playing with a couple of projects.. this is the 5th block I have of 6.. so one more to sew together then decide what to make/finish it with.   I have red, green & white fabric in my stash..so It’s gonna be “something”.  

fabric for a Mistery Quilt @ quilters club of America




I love that fabric for my Mystery Quilt…just gotta keep up with the directions and get it all cut and labled..

After struggling with the pinwheel borders and all. I have to wait for more fabric to arrive so I can get an additional extention (bottom) added and then do a bit of remedial quilting on some of the blank areas.. meanwhile this (upper photo of Log cabin quilt)  is going under the machine… SLQ.. like stitch in the ditch!!   Hoping my thread supply arrives before I run out.  

With some really wonderful sunny days happening, I’ve been outside cleaning up flower beds and planting the bushes DD#2 ordered… I love the Forcynthias and Hollyhocks  she got.   Can’t wait til the coming Spring and see how well they survived our Illinois Winters…   I’d like to plant one in the back yard, but that won’t work..  We have 2 fur babies that can’t leave the plants alone, esp when they smell of Bone Meal  (fertilizer)    I can’t blame them…it did have a strong smell.    One little Forcynthia bush still needs a home!!

I have been a bit busy with this sewing stuff and working out patterns/projects in my head…  I finally put together a pdf file for the Traveling Diamond Quilt  (see MY QUILTS Page at the top) for instructions and inspiration links.

Hope to get back here  daily, but gotta use up all the sunshine and be outside in order to appreciate what Mama Nature is delivering..    GRANNY

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