Gems of the Prairie

We’re havin a Quilt show  Sept 24 & 25th.

It’s at Avanti’s Dome,  3401 Griffin Ave, Pekin, Ill.     Saturday 10-6  & Sunday 10-4.

I can’t wait to get there to see all of the 500 quilts and maybe win that drawing for a quilt.. wouldn’t that be NEAT…??  Adult admission is $6.00   Children $1.00


 Here in the closet, I have a furry assistant.  She (Smudge ) is totally mesmerized with the process of my sewing some blocks together..  She stayed on my ironing  mat thru the making of 14 blocks.  When I shut off the lights & machine, she jumped down and headed out to the kitchen to have a bite to eat.. AND  I needed a cup of coffee and some toast.   I have to go cut some more strips in order to have 25 blocks for the Swap at Missouri Quilt Company.         

It rained Sunday Afternoon, then rained during the everything is damp, but not too cold as yet.   Those day are a commin’  and I’m never ready for Winter weather.   I’ve got plenty of yarn to make those Cowls, scarves & hand warmers.. working on a sweater right now –

I bought all this mint green yarn and started knitting from the top down..a sweater.   Well I didn’t like the first one, so I undid the whole thing,   The Second one was really nice, but it was TOO I undid the whole thing.   The third  was 1/2 done when I realized, I was working the wrong pattern.. so I undid all of it.. I am now on the FOURTH try and hope it will be big enough, but not TOO BIG.     So I sit and knit in the evenings (after Supper) and watch a bit of TV.  I may have a sweater sometime THIS year.. or NOT.    One thing I do have is plenty of yarn to work with… all of it is Mint Green. 


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