Swapin… quilt blocks

 Making 9 patch blocks with this fabric.. made a test block tonight and it turned out really well, esp using more of the blue flower material than the brown back ground..  I need to change the thread color to something with less contrast.  White is standard, but I need it to blend in more, so the grey/blue thread is my choice over the dark Brown .


Once I get these blocks made, I’ll be able to get back to quilting a couple of tops/flimsey’s so they will be ready for Christmas.    I have 2 of them sandwiched and ready.

It has gotten pretty cool around here, so I bundled up in my sweats and light jacket..even put on socks!!   If this keeps up, I’ll be getting my electric blanket out and on my bed!   When it gets cold, I want to Hybernate.  I could sleep 16 hours a day without even tryin when the Frost Hits the Pumpkin.  

DD#2 had her CT & X-rays taken of her right leg/knee this afternoon.. and will get into the ortho guy sooner.. I have to check the calendar in the dining area to see when the 21’st is….(instead of the 24th.    There is a Quilt show here on the 23rd thru the 26th..It’s about 5 blocks from here and I really WANT to go.. It’s my first show, other than the Fair Grounds.. If all goes well and I can show something of mine, I’m  thinking of doing an entry….next year!  

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One Response to Swapin… quilt blocks

  1. Blondie says:

    good morning, Judy
    quilters must really have more in common than not. After getting caught up on the past two posts here, I had to LOL at the daily deal and ebay. Ebay conversely is NOT my friend but always the first friend I look up when I am needing something fast, and inexpensive -lol again at inexpensive. And it chews up my time so well.
    Hugs to you. Hope your daughter gets on well.

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