I Bid…….

Not doing too much in the sewing closet right now.  I did get another block put together from this 98 stash.   And since I only have 6 months of these, I went to Ebay and hunted.. Only found 2 blocks of what I already have.  so I looked for fabric.   Opps!! MY BAD….found fabric, just none that matched this set of blocks.   Unless that 10lb bundle might have some.   Or maybe that BLUE Bundle ???     I love shopping ebay…It’s so to easy to buy a BUNCH of whatever you like.   And I get to Win the Bid!!  

It’s like the Daily Deal over at Missouri Quilt Company…It’s  just too good a price to pass and NOT whip out that Plastic.    So I have a package coming from them (like I just got a package last week) and the books that were on sale from a LINK a member left at the quilt company..  $3.00 & $5.00 a book !!   Just the thing for this  quilt addict crafty Granny.  

And while at WallyWorld, I found great cotton fabric in the “clearance” bin..   Yah, I am on a mission to go broke fast this month If I don’t hide that plastic card.  But ya only LIVE ONCE and I think ya should have a FEW goodies on hand to play with.  

Now back to the REAL world…. been a tad busy with extra chores since DD#2’s Knee Cap Accident.  She is headed to the doc-Orthopedic Surgeon on the 24th.  That knee swells up on her when she is up and around..trying to do normal things.  And the pain is there along with the fear that IT will happen again.    She still has to work everyday, so I don’t get much assistance from her with the household chores..   OK, so I MAKE her “get outta my way”.   It is just so much easier to “do it myself” than work around a cane, 2 dogs and a gimpy girl.   * yes, the dogs know there is something wrong since she has that “stick” in her hand*   

“ya think she’ll throw it now?   Ya, It’s coming.. look out!   Oh, she’s not throwing it..why isn’t she throwing it?   She always throws it… just wait, she’ll throw it soon.  Don’t let her get outta sight..we won’t get a treat!”

And this little trio is fed into by adding a cat or two who think they own the house and that Person with the stick!

Well, at least today I can get some of  the laundry done.. almost out of clean undies!!   And still gotta get something thawed for dinner tonight.  It’s Almost noon and I am feeling like that Rabbit from Alice In Wonderland..   Granny       



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