Inbetween ideas

Not sure what my next project will here sits my trusty machine awaiting my brainstorm flurry of action that generally strikes after a good blog hop.. or a new magazine arrival.    I do need to get some blocks done for a swap, but awaiting a “tool” delivery that will insure I get 1/4 inch seams.   I am happy to find there are soo many  sewing items out there (in cyber land) to help you make perfect everythings.

I’m just not moving as fast now that My brain got overworked with the Traveling Diamond idea.  I’m sure I saw something like it out there in cyberspace, but can’t recall just who or where to refer you to.  I watch alot of quilting shows on TV so it could have been  Fons & Porter  or maybe Georgia Bonesteel .   I get to watch both those on Cable here in my area. 

I know I love that tumbling block quilt .. I have the 60 degree template, just trying to cut those triangles has me rethinking this project.   But maybe a Block for a test drive??     I don’t think I’ll try to get THIS fancy.. but it is strikingly beautiful.. (or is it just me?)     


This cooler weather has me bundling up or putting on an extra layer of clothing.. and just when I was getting used to all that heat and sunshine.    Mama Nature sure is unpredictable and she works fast, too.   All in a days time we went from 90’s to 70’s..  I’m hoping to see if we get an Indian Summer..

Guess I’d better get my knitting needles to work faster if I wanna have a quick throw-on for these cooler days..    GRANNY

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One Response to Inbetween ideas

  1. Blondie says:

    Hi Judy
    There is a great video on the tumbling block on youtube you may want to view before you get going. It took the stoopie out of me:

    Big hugs and many blessings

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