trips and tips

I’m back in business in the sewing closet.. got my thread and pulled out the Traveling Diamond project.    It was covered in Hair from the Black CAT… so I added this roller to my wall of tools.  It also gets those loose threads that seem to “appear” all over the place when I’m sewing.

And I found another Jelly Roll ($5.00) in the fabric clearance bin.. It was all torn apart with No tag/s.. so I bartered for it, since I put it all back together and found it was “whole”.. (3 strips each of 8 different fabrics)  No pieces missing.   So now I can do a bigger version of my traveling diamond top.  

 We (dd#2 & I)  did a drop off at Goodwill And I walked thru… found some great shirts and a douvee(sp) cover.  The nice thing about shopping “cheap” is if the shirts, skirts, pants don’t fit right or you get tired of them… cut them up for quilts.. That is if you buy the “all cotton” materials.. or even the denim.   It really is getting hard to find decent material in your clothes at the regular stores..  Thus Goodwill is my top shop place for clothing .  **JUST make sure YOU WASH it FIRST**


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