Teaser Thursday

Another idea in the works.. 8 fabrics from the bargain find @Wally World.
strips of 8 & rotate bottom to top

I pinned the Numbers 1 thru 8 on each strip to help me keep track of what goes where.

Heres the hint of what this set of strips will look like when all is combined..

Just saying, that taking a break from a huge project can be productive and stimulate the brain .  I have to say I wasn’t really in love with this fabric at first site.  It was ‘on sale” and I figured what the heck.. use it for something new you haven’t tried.. don’t waste good/expensive fabric on these first time projects.  right??   Well I am loving this as I can see it come together.   

Back with the finish on Friday..

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One Response to Teaser Thursday

  1. I never find fabric deals like that at my WW! Looks great…add lots of white and it’ll be a great spring/summer looking quilt flimsy, floozy, whatever-you-called it (top)!! LOL

    Off to school..trying to find my motivation for the subject matter is going to be hard this semester. Love ya!

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