Canning 101

It’s nice to have friends that help you acquire fresh fruits & Veggies.  And one of mine brought me a box of PEACHES when they made a trip to the southern tip of Illinois to take in some local history & foods.    They have the bestest orchards down there!  These are perfect for canning.. really firm but brightly colored.  They would be ready to eat as is by next week.   So here is my Kitchen counter all awaiting my Touch.  Putting those beauties into those jars and doing the HOT BATH canning method.  

Even tho I was Raised preserving foods each year or/and had many years experience of canning, I still advise having a “booK” to refer to.. It cost more than the Jars, but sooo worth it.  The safety and health of your consumers is too important to risk food poisoning..   BE SURE TO READ & REFRESH your memory each time you start the canning process.

Now If I seem like I’ve gotten side tracked from the Pinwheel Quilt.. well I’m slowly getting the quilting part done on the borders & headers.   I had to get busy with living and teaching DD some how tos.   Aug is our time of preparing the yard/plants for winter.  (not that we are big into gardening right now but we did order some plants that need to go into the ground in Sept)   thinking of cold winds blowing.. (knitting/crocheying scarves & hand warmers or a warm fuzzy vest!)  and just getting outside to enjoy the nicest temperatures of the year..before they dip down into the freezer.   My Day is planned and I need to get it started, but first I’m gonna enjoy this cuppa and the open windows with fresh air streaming thro.   GRANNY

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