It’s Friday, again

One of the many bulbs I transplanted from P’burg.   The Iris’s and Tulips got ate by a critter.  I’m just happy to see these lillies survived. 

You know summer is almost gone when you start recieving a bunch of seed catalogs in the mail.  I’ve gotten 3 so far.  August is the time to clean up your garden, finish harvesting and start making plans for next year.   Anyhow I ordered a bunch of tulips in hopes they will survive the Critters around here.  They’ll be delivered in the Fall when it’s the right time to plant  I guess I’ve ordered from Brecks  for more than 20 years-with time out for living in California 1990 to 1993.  

The heat is still going on here, but the nights have cooled considerable.  I can’t wait to open a window to let in fresh KOOL air.   But then that will mean “get ready for the freeze”.   Time keeps moving on.

Wasn’t it just yesterday I was happy to turn the HEAT off and let some fresh air in??

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