Something sewed….

why I can't get anything quilted

It’s a proven fact that If I leave my work space for a “break”, I won’t be able to get any more work done when I return… Salem moves in and takes over with such force and determination, I have to give up and walk away.   She is loving this quilt just a little too much and I am afraid I won’t be able to get it away from her.  After all, she has added her share of HAIR and SCENT to it everyday since I started the straight line quilting part.      

After 3 weeks, She finally left me alone this evening when DD#2 (her Mommy)  came home from work, so I rushed to the machine and finished up this section.   It’s all quilted now and I’ve been able to move on to the borders and Header part.   I’ve finally come up with a name for it..Wind & Rain.   It has alot of pinwheels and lightening bolts (borders).   

Otherwise I have been knitting, cooking and cleaning around the house.   Staying in the A/C to beat the heat.  SUNDAY- I did get to walk thru Micheal’s and get a few items for crafty projects for Christmas and Halloween.   Hoping to share those ideas with you later on.. as I whip them up.  

I blogged hopped till my eyes popped and I started seeing double.. there are so many goodies I want to try..  I’m inspired!!   My sewing wanna-do list is really way to long.   But I won’t get bored for awhile.. 

Hugs.. Granny



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