brown outs = fried hard drive

After having a great 2 weeks recovering from surgery.. and I am feeling pretty good now.. there came that fateful day when the electric company had “unknown” cause for losing power.   The lights dimmed, went out, then on… then OFF!!   and the old power strip didn’t work.. and I lost everything on my hard drive.  It just refused to reboot, or work with anything we tried.    

DD#2 & hubby had their vacation time right afterwards, so I was left with the laptop and a promise to fix everything when they got back home.    Well, today is the DAY that everything got fixed and I’m back with a new hard drive and power strip… only a $150.00 shorter, but everything is new.  Hoping the geek guys can retreive my photos from the old hard drive.  I just need thos for 2011.. I had backed up all the others.  

My other Senior Moment= leaving my camera in my friends truck and not remembering where I left it.   The Steamboat Sight Seeing tour is on it.. And he can’t get over here again til the end of the month.. Hope he takes lots of neat photos.   I know I would if roles were reversed.. LOL. 

So til I can get my camera back, or pirate some photos from the family via facebook postings, I won’t be able to share for awhile.   Guess I’ll have to break out the other camera..  or make ya wait.  Hope ya hang in there with me.

I have started quilting the main part of the pin-wheel quilt, but that is slow going as I still tire easily and I’ve been spending more time out of doors getting some sun.  It’s vit D, ya know!  

Hugs to all.   GRANNY 

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One Response to brown outs = fried hard drive

  1. Tammy says:

    I feel your pain on loosing your data. This happened to me about six months after I lost my mother but luckily I work with computers and we were finally able to retrieve my data (only because the motor was still spinning on the hard drive). Since then, I have built a new computer and now back my data up on an external 1TB hard drive. I hope that they are able to get your photos back for you because I know all to well how that feels to lose them.

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