Week End Plans

I got Nothing..Na Da… Ziltch ..


I figure I’m doin’ pretty darn good when I can load & unload the dishwasher.  I felt like I was more than able and it would help get rid of this restlessness I was experiencing..

That’s bending over, reaching up and turning left or right.. several/ lots of times/ thousand times,  just to empty it, then repeat to fill it.  And that takes a toll on the  Openings on my stomach!!  I was just thinking I could start earning “‘my keep”  (that’s what I get for thinking) and do a little something to help out around here. 

Well, I’ve gotta rethink my thinking……

Resting up, letting DD#2 do the shopping by herself, whining, holding my stomach when I walk, and generally being a baby..  POST OP-DAY 9


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