Just getting by

It’s been about 4 days since the Doc

manipulated  the innards.    And what  a trip that has been.  Mostly, I’ve been “medicated” and “told what to do”.   But today, I take back Control of MY LIFE.  

Not getting into the descriptive end too much, but let’s say all “systems” are a go and are working properly!!   And yes you do get sent home BEFORE  you pass gas!   Thank goodness I have a great  “nurse”  on this side of Life.   DD#2  keeps checking on me  and bringing me meds and food.  

Today, I was able to get up and get my own med and drink.  This being the 4th day at 3 a.m. .

Hoping to get a picture of the Clematis vine that is in full bloom and showing off the front privacy fence .. and download  a couple of snaps from the week end wedding.  S-N-L gets to be the Best Man and what a handsome looking DUD he is!!

Hope to get back up to speed soon.. Hugs, Granny


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