Keepin busy

I often like to listen to a book or music as I quilt.. or “clean” and the CD player is really getting a work out with this book.   I’m a mystery mix with SyFy type person…and this one has both to keep me listening.. esp when there is a “special” child involved…
    And I’m planning a rather special quilt.. should It be the Double wedding ring?     or  Sunbonnet Sue.      

eye & ear candy

  either pattern is a applique quilt project That will keep me busy over the next couple of Months.   Applique work/quilts seem to take me for ever to get done.  I do a test block first…then work out any problems (such as size or fit..color.. etc)  

I did want to try that one step quilt technique,, so I may play with that after I get thru the surgery on the 19th.    Just tryin to keep myself busy and mind off the coming body overhaul.. fixing a “gut” problem.


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2 Responses to Keepin busy

  1. Blondie says:

    Love the colors you are using! Great work, Judy

  2. Blondie says:

    What’s the name of the book? I have not listened to books on CD yet, it is a good idea.

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