Another quilt?

Where do I begin??   Missouri Quilt Company dot com is a store, a forum and has lots of tutorials for beginner  quilters.   So I’ve been refreshing my memory and learning new tricks in their tutorial section.  

after watching THIS  tutorial… I was on a mission to create another quilt.

I purchased several “charm packs”   little 5×5 precut packages of fabric..

my inspiration

 In case you can’t read the small print. “contain 2 each 5×5  pieces of 28 Victoria SKUS.”  That’s a total of 56 pieces!!  Perfect for what I wanted to create.      I had on hand from my bargain bin shopping 1 yard of Musulim and 2 yards of GREEN Classical Creations-FCI -1998 100% cotton fabric..   

1 charm pack , musulim, 1998 green fabric with Pinwheel block

 And that Tutorial on pinwheels had me well on my way to producing the best lookin pinwheels I’ve ever done..   Darn Near Perfect every time.

Feeling like a PRO at the sewing machine….. GRANNY

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