Border time.

This procedure makes a neat border that is fast and matching with no need to add binding along the outer edge.   I cut 5 1/2 inch strips of red and 3 inch strips of white..  Sew them together with  the smaller in the middle. 

Press and set seams with steam iron.. and do not worry if the strips want to BoW…That is normal in putting together long strips.. Ironing helps straighten this problem..

Fold the strips in half.. with the white as the bottom edge.

I trimmed off the uneven ends..which also helps in Squaring up and straightening the strips

Open the fold and add batting.. I cut 5 inch strips from some old left over pieces of batting I just “happened” to keep in a stash of stuffing material.

With my large 12 1/2 inch square cutting ruler I laid my strips on top- starting at the center. This ruler has a good/perfect 45 degree grid line.. so I grabbed it first..

Accurate diamonds…

OR for an accurate diamond shape stitch lines… mark 2 inch (or whatever inch size you want) along both edges of your strip.   * the smaller the length between the more chance of wrinkles getting sewn in* 

to keep straight seams.. use your painter’s tape  for each row of stitches.  And once you get going you can start at the “red” side, stitch to the white-turn with needle down and go back to the red.. This makes a neater looking edge when dealing with diamond shapes on the bottom of your border.   *use your hands to act as a HOOP..stretching and flattening the fabric as you sew to prevent the material from crawling and shifting *


When turning to do the other side of my triangle, I folded the bottom of my strip back up toward the Quilter’s Guide Foot..meeting the POINT END of one line of stitches.. and start stitching  the 2 inch spacing .  This also works for when your guide foot doesn’t meet or line up with the next row of stitches since it is at an angle..   HOpe the PHOTO is good at showing ya a way to sew without having to stop,  measure and tape again.

Now all that is left is putting the border on…. And that will have to wait til I have a little more time without any other commitments.. but think what part of your quilt will show the most.. FRONT, right?     Start there and hand stitch where you need to HIDE thread/stitches.  

Have fun and enjoy the process… It takes time, thought, and planning, but OH, WHAT a BEAUTIFUL Quilt the STARBURST makes….  


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