Top section

Now that the “body” of my quilt has been “quilted.. I’m on to doing the top section.  The above photo is the front.. and I want to continue the diamond theme.  I measure out 2 inch sections and with my large plastic cutting ruler, get a good 45 degree angle going.   I used painters tape to get me started off with straight lines.  

Here I’ve added my mother’s quilters guide.. I measure from the needle to the “foot” and slide it to measure 2 “..  

And My pattern gets established… Making sure I hold/stretch and manouver to reduce wrinkles getting sewn in.. It’s a slow process, so if you get tired or discouraged, take a break. 

OK, the flash washed this back side out a bit, but I hope you can see the stitched pattern clear enough to get an idea of what it looks like in real life.   Now My seams ARE NOT straight..and Not EVEN, but  the diamonds do meet on the edge in a point..(at the top)

After a break and something to eat.. I attached the top to the body  and I now have a nice size quilt..but still not done. 

No Tips ..

 Just don’t rush this part..    I attached the front of the quilt first, then worked in the back with hand stitching.. It has to match and fit.   I did alot of ironing, (pressing with steam), pin and repin.. starting at the center…….then work to the edges. 

At this point all the edges of my quilt are OPEN.    Next come the Borders, which need to be about 8 inched in length.

Doin’ all this before Thurs’ surgery.  I sure hope that schedule Post  thing is working properly..


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