Quick Pit Stop

World Wide News:   

Osama  is all over the home page and I’m skeptical.. waiting for the DNA proof.  But I do believe the report of the raid and relief all the US citizens feel.   That day (9-11) still lives within my heart as I recall all the lives lost.

In the Kitchen:

I took too much meat out of the freezer for the week end.  Everybody was heading out to eat and nothing got cooked as originally planned… so I fixed 3 meals in one afternoon.   1. beef stroganoff.  2.  meatloaf.   3. Sausage Bisquits.      #1 got ate almost before I finished cooking it!!  The rest has been portioned and frozen for DD#2 while I’m in the recovery from surgery state.

 Frustrated with the uploading of images here this morning.. The file loads, but all I get are red X’s…   

I cleaned up the 1950’s Hi Chair.  It’s part of my whats left of my Antiquing days.    My youngest brother had one exactly like it so I snatched it up over 10 years ago and it has stuck with me… 

My brothers Hi Chair

 The tray needs a fixin, so I may attempt that today…   Otherwise I’ll be working on my Starburst…   GRANNY

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One Response to Quick Pit Stop

  1. Blondie says:

    I am really enjoying your blog!

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