Here we go!!  stitching away on the machine.  Quilting the easy way.. I have my quilt arm added and the special clear, see-thru foot (which is my most versitile foot)  Has a little black line for stitch-in-the-ditch!!  

I do a test with the 3 layers just to make sure my stitch is set  correctly.. and I crank that stitch space up to 4 on my Singer.  Makes it easier to “rip out” and goes really fast..altho I don’t “race” thru the process.  

My work space has to have extra lighting due to my poor eye sight.. and I remove the Pins as I go..   Any imperfections seem to be “quilting out”.   With My Starburst, I start in the middle and work my way out.. I do 4 major lines from center to edge, then start filling in the rest.  I leave the outer edge of my Star til last…Less chance of getting those wrinkles and crinkles.     

For the next phase, I’ll be machine quilting the top section.. then put it all together (which may have to be done by hand.. We’ll just have to see how well all this works together when the quilting is finished. 

The Week end is upon me and there is the shopping to get done.. I did order some “charm” packs from  Missouri Quilt Co dot com… they were on sale!!    And if ya want most of the CUT work done for you I suggest you look thru their shop.   And There is a forum type community there.. sign in and check out all their tutorials for BEGINNERS.  The Charm packs are perfect for making the 1/2 square Triangles…  (think pinwheels)


Since I machine quilt and have found pushing all that fabric thru the machine is cause for sore arms and added mistakes.  I break my quilts down into 3 or 4 parts:  top edge , the body, the borders (3 sides).   I’ll quilt them individually, then put it all together.. Here is where I love my Stitch in the ditch foot!! But if its still too big for my machine, I resort to hand stitching.  


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