Time to Quilt..with a Machine

I’m setting up the sewing machine to start quilting.  Straight lines using that painters tape trick..large safety pins and the quilting guide for the machine.   I have the layers  together and ready to put thru the machine.. I’ve left off the top (with the flyin geese) til the body of the quilt is done, since I want to use a different pattern of sewing (quilting) on it.  I have decided to use BLACK thread in hopes it will show up better on the back.. So the bobbins are filled and 2 extra spools are ready to use.     AND DON’T FORGET to put in a NEW needle!! If you have any problems..check out what type of needle you are using….

These two photos show the top section on the left (not attached just yet)   And the Back with the LaMoyne Start at the top edge..

This photo is what the whole thing will look like once I get  the machine quilting done.   The size is an overly large Crib size..   I’m still debating on putting on a large border.  Will make that decision later on BEFORE binding the edges. 

Daily:  ““““““““““““

I’ve one week to go before surgery.. and I don’t feel like I’ll have it completed before I go to the Hospital.   Will just have to see how it goes.

Right now I am a bit sore from using the new shoes (personal trainors) on the tread mill .. everyday I do a 10 minute workout to keep my strength up and weight down..   It has rained everyday this past week,,so I haven’t been going outside.   I sure can feel the difference with the different shoes!!   Good thing I have a supply of ADVIL on hand.

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