MY American Lone Star Quilt top

with alot of cutting, planning  and sewing, I’ve managed to get this far with MY STARBURST Quilt..


check out the center chickens.. THE SURPRISE fabric..  Which led me back to the store to get the WOW factor fabric…  And now it is back to the cutting, planning and sewing to fill in around the whole starburst…  And I ordered a couple more books!!

All about block patterns.   There are over 500 and I won’t get to all of them since I am stuck on the starburst   and Le moyne stars right now..  but it did list  other patterns/blocks I wanted to do..  

1.  Flying Geese –  my Mothers favorite pattern

2.  Double Wedding Ring- a friend asked for the how to’s.

3.  Log Cabin – for this great fabric stash of mine!!   

4.  Drunkards Path –  lots of people come to mind, but really it just interested me!  ALOT!!

I need to talk to DD#1 about those B&W blocks I sent her last year… Where is MY Blocks from you??  Didn’t we decide to TRADE.. Or send them all to me and I will figure out what to do with them.. ….    It’s yo Mama Talking!!

So my “down” time is full of sewing this week..   And when I get tired of that, there is that sweater!   Opps.. better do that while watching tv in the evenings..   Unless I fall asleep while waiting for the weather report- – – –

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