Earthquake, friends & ramblings

ChristChurch, New Zealand  was hit on Tues(they are 7 hours ahead of my time zone)  with a major earthquake.  I have an on line friend who lives there.. I am afraid for her & her family.. Still haven’t heard from her nor gotten a response from My Email.   (Moved her to the top of My Prayer List.)

We had a dusting of snow here thru the night.. And I thought perhaps we wouldn’t be seeing any more of that White Stuff.   The two dogs came in covered with flakes at bed time last night.  I just shivered and turned on my electric blanket.

Feeling better with No coffee.. not even decaf-IT is acidic.   Change of meds helps, too.   And then there is the eating smaller amounts of food..  Gosh, it would be horrible to lose any of the 30 lbs I put on this past 6 months.  (insert a big NOT)    Did a 15 minute low impact work out this am.    First in many moons!!   Hope the body holds up and allows me to do more of this.

I gotta turn off that darn TV.. Too many  exercising programs  nagging taunting me…  I am not ready to expend THAT much energy,   AND I haven’t been able to push myself away from the table fast enough.   I guess those extra pounds will be hanging around  on me for awhile longer.   At 68 One has to set priorities..

DD#2 is having oral surgery today- in the afternoon.  I have the soup, jello and pudding all made.   Her Hubby is driving her there & holding her hand..maybe.   Anyhow, I have the Mother Hat all ready to slip on when she comes home.  

It’s so nice to be MOMMY again..just for a day.   I don’t think I could handle it full time.  Well,  I know I couldn’t!!    I barely survived the first time around.   And just where do you think I got all these grey hairs?? 


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