Wandering … ME?

It’s just another Icey DAY–Temp below zero (F.) outside.   High ?  +20  REALLY.

I blog Hopped all around today, since it was too cold to do much around the house.  Who wants to get into the water, soap & spill when you can’t keep your feet or hands warm?   NOT ME.   I’m  not even knitting.   


1.   Why do people sell their souls  to have a new car, new outfit, or attend a concert?   That is Granny speak for CREDIT CARD CHARGES.   The generation of BUY NOW, PAY LATER  mentality  will have a DAY:   Pay NOW or do without.    Since we are running out of resourses fast.  THAT INCLUDES CASH “& “CREDIT.  Or we could let China own everything.

2.  Waste NOT , WANT not.    Our garbage dumps are full, people.   Quit throwing out things that others could use or recycle.   Since we started recycling  our waste has been cut in half.   REALLY…we only need garbage pick up every other week, instead of weekly.   And then the big ol can isn’t full.   Get off your lazy duff and sort, carry out and recycle!!   Maybe a few pounds will be lost while your doing it.

3.   If ya don’t use it, you lose it.    I’m talking about the mind & body.   Exercise is really all about Playing all thru life.   Get off that couch, turn off the TV or Computer and take a walk.  I don’t have my trusty side kick with me, but I can borrow one of DD’s dogs to PULL me around the park or neighborhood.  My favorite game these days is carrying my camera and look at the world thru a lens.  I used to stare at an ant hill for hours as a young girl.   So looking at the world isn’t new to me.   

REMEMBER:   everything that is OLD will be NEW again.   Not everyone remembers Playing, sewing, singing, cooking, saving, dancing,  and being happy with what one has.   Try it.  It’s your life!!


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