Digging OUT

Mocha loves the snow!!  She will PLOW thru, under and hop into the largest/deepest snow and play.   Her face is always proof of her burrowing escapades!!

Can’t see the steps..and it drifted right up to the door.. which has 5 steps UP or DOWN to reach the cement patio.    And the 4 steps to the ground are LOST under the snow.

When the Plows finally came today , the corners without fences were the “logical” place for the excess snow.   That Stop Sign is conveniently left “open” for all to OBEY.. just creep on out to the street to “see” tho…    

Took  most of the day to get the drive way cleaned off so WE could get to the main street– but it wasn’t plowed out all of yesterday..and just a once over today.   We are a DEAD END street and always last to get dug out.   SnL had to go to work this morning and he SPUN his way to the main road–just past the stop sign (It’s  a school route, so must be clean first).  

We had prepared for such a storm the week before.. I was raised in the country and had learned to keep a full pantry during the Winter Months.  Often we would be isolated for a week or more after a large snow storm.   There were no snow plows and we had to “dig” ourselves out with whatever Machinery we had.   Often a tractor with a blade on the back.   Or just wait til Mother Nature took it away.     Anyway, Life was a challenge and an adventure during those times.   And I learned to prepare and survive…   Life is so much easier these days.  All it takes is MONEY!!   Wow, what a concept-   Really, tho-  What would you do if there suddenly wasn’t ANY money?


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