Deck the Halls

Tree is all decorated and many surfaces of the house now hold Christmas decorations.   My camera battery died taking pics of them all.. so will post just a few of our favorites (this year). 

Liz’s favorite ornament this year….

I got this one for Liz about 5 yrs ago..It’s metal. 

This is John’s santa..he has had it since he was a small boy. 

This is our out-door light.. and with all the snow we’ve had this past week, it fits in very nicely and appropriately with our decor. 

Sadly the K’s will not be having Christmas Eve gathering this year.  Her bad eye sight and His worsening health have put limits on how much and what they are able to do.  We will visit and drop off our gifts.. grab lots of hugs and well wishes while there since they are just the NICEST people.    

Am finished with shopping and sending out cards, so all is left is wrapping and cooking.   A very nice and relaxing Christmas here at our house.    Wishing you all the same.   GRANNY

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