At the Savoy…

If ya head on down to the challenge I recently did/done??  Well, it’s over and I got this great Kit— HERE  is the designers web page..  So I got to play around with HER creation.  It is beautiful  and with the photo changed to B&W I have a wonderful page of a dear Cousin.

This is the dark colored photo.  I worked it over in PSE6 to lighten it..but the page I did called for B&W… more better?   It worked for me.

Of course I cropped it a little.  We can see Arts face now.   Yuppers, this is More Better!!

If ya like photography as much as I do, then try getting a shot of the MOON.. Thats the challenge over at Scrapadilly  all month long.  I’ve got a couple of shots with the quarter moon here in my area,,but nothing spectacular–I’d like a FULL MOON with plenty of clouds reflecting some of that light…

 And then I saw a photo that just blew me away when I think of lazyness…here is my “copy” of that- same subject only mine has  a different “holder”.  

Whatcha think…isn’t this the epitome of Lazyness???

Now take a few minutes and Snap a few shots of Lazyness  and the MOON—Pleeaasseeeee!  GRANNY

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3 Responses to At the Savoy…

  1. Howdy Judy!

    L.O.V.E your layout with my At The Savoy Kit! HOW Wonderful! Thank you! Good work on the photo as well, getting a face to show under a baseball cap in a dark picture can be next to impossible…HOO-ray for you!!

    Happy Wednesday Sweetheart!!


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