planning & challenged

I saw this challenge and put together the above photo to enter & win a free digi scrap kit.    I used 3 different photos and followed the instruction given..added my own creation-Dragon Fly.   Magical, ain’t it?

I am feeling a bit better post invasion of my body!!   No real pain, just uncomfortable nagging symptoms.   First I couldn’t get awake after the procedure, then couldn’t sleep,,for 2 nights &days..   Am slowly getting back into a NORMAL routinue, but it takes time.

Still waiting for the hardware to connect my NEW PC to the internet. Last notice, it is in the mail.  The Beast is a great big memory RED beast.. I’ve already put all my photos on it.. the new PSE8 and tested many of the games on it.

Long week end and the kids on vacation..(no work) has been fun for me.  I rest when I want, eat, play, etc.  Did some paper scrapping- finishing one album of Liz’s animals.  Spaz, the paranoid cat who hides, all the time.  Only stays in the basement coming upstairs when Liz is home to Love ON.  After 5 years, She still takes one look at me and runs back down to hide.  Spaz loves John, but won’t venture out of the basement for him.   So the spare bedroom down there is a wonderful place to get away and watch tv..John’s sanctuary and Spaz’s partner in the “get away” catagory.

I’m hosting this month’s photo challenge  at  These get to be alot of fun and challenging!!  You get to know your camera better when you play along.   I find a tutorial about cameras & photos, then think up a challenge where you could use what you learned.   Since the moon goes thru so many phases I left it run for the whole month..

So, I am sky watchin and meal plannin – I had to throw in that last.  Getting hungry sitting in front of this laptop beast and  working my fingers to the bone.. 

Off to the kitchen,, hugs Granny

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3 Responses to planning & challenged

  1. Hello Granny’s Gab!

    Thank you for entering the Scenic Paper Challenge at Weblog Jodiann! WHoo HOO! Your entry is a stunner! Send me a howdy via email so I have an address to send your participation kit download link to.

    Happy Wednesday!


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