Dr Called and pre op appointment is scheduled for Aug 25th… I’m awake with a bout of Gerd so I definitely NEED this procedure.   Now to fill the days between now & then.   


I think I will make a tribal belt for belly dancing. (My exercise program) belt over red skirt.. start with the blue belting at waist, the triangle covering the buns  and look at all those tassels!!   I Gotta do this one!!  Or is it 2 belts layered together?   


Start a 4 patch quilt of 9″ squares..hope to finish it since it is a small peice/wall hanging.  I’ve searched out the pattern/block I want.. Now to find the fabric!!

  This pattern has always facinated me..  Hate those points, tho.. but It’s all about challenges and keeping one occupied with them.

I feel a Goodwill shopping trip coming on!!   Great bargains in the fabric/clothing part.. Just gotta find enough material/skirts and redo them.


Clean out and get rid of the huge computer cabinet I’m now sitting at.. well, now Let me Stop and think about this a minute.. Maybe I’m going over board.. I may just rid myself of smaller clutter.    Hmmm, the small desk is a possible solution to have more floor space…


I just realized I haven’t had the camera out for awhile.. Hmmmm.. will have ta remedy that with a walk about.  

Saturday and I’m ready to do some shopping, so will get myself put-together and see what is in the bank account.  


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