I love BLING

I love this head piece.. esp since I have very short hair and this makes an instant change/look / statement.

This outfit I put together from odd & end purchases on Ebay.  Love the jewelry!!   I can be as noisey as the rest of ya!.

I am doing the harem pants with an added coin belt for the bottom and layered top of sequins, coins over a “foundation exercise top” and over all that is the coverup( blue velvet).  The bracelets can be worn at the wrist or ankles.. and that coin necklace is just too MUCH!!  I’m still missing the earrings, but with that HEADPIECE..who cares for now.

I spent hours surfing belly dance costumes.. and what a bunch of eye candy!!   I love “BLING” and really got lost for hours on end just looking at the Bling and Traditional costumes.   My outfit here probably cost around 50.00, but you can spend tons and have a  “professional” outfit that is one of a kind made esp for YOU!!   But I don’t intend to do anything but have fun and practise aot.     DRESS UP is so much Fun!!   Loved doing it as a kid and still do!!  


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