It’s a NEW ME!!   I didn’t make it into round 3 of Scrapvivor #2 over at Gingerscraps.net.    So I got this “springy” thing goin on.     OK, so this is as good as it gets around here…still feelin like crap with the infection.   Seems all I can get done is feed my face and sleep.   (taking my meds/pills)

But am awake around 4 a.m. every morning so am forcing myself to stay up and go walking the store with dd#2 as she grocery shops.   Let’s see, I do need to buy some toothpaste and look at the plants to see what is on sale for this years garden project.  

My extra baggage arrived (thanks to MIKE) so I’ve been unpacking, washing and sorting thru the bags..forgot what all I DID have–   OH, yeah, there are those “gifts” I got for everyone.  LOL.   

Hoping warmer weather gets here and sticks around this week.. I need some SUNSHINE!!   Vit B from nature.  A few days of sitting out and getting the “rays” should get me back into living again.. maybe I’m becoming a vampire??   I’m white enough!!    

Have a digital scrapping kit to get off to my store www.scrapdebris.com  so I don’t get booted out of it..   Need to get better organized and caught up with a new kit for Summer… maybe something for July 4th ??   Never mind.. my brain isn’t working on all cylinders this morning..


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