count down

ONLY 2 MORE PILLS before I fly outta here!!   I count down the days by the daily pill I have to take.    Tryin not to get excited, but can’t help it.   That Cous of MINE is calling about everyday and telling me all the stuff we can do together.    I remind you now that this is the same cous who pushed me into the Lake with all my New clothes on and then runs yelling to MY MOM that I fell in.    The one who shoved me down the sand  bank cause I was ahead of her on the swing.   And who pushed me out of the row boat so I could learn to swim.    Between her and My Uncle Bill (whowas 2 years older than I) It’s a wonder I survived childhood-He broke my tail bone during a yard game of football, threw me over his shoulder during our jitterbug days and cracked my head on the ceiling.   But I love “em.. we’re family and with birthdays in December that we got to share & celebrate them together every year.

Uncle Bill passed away in 2000/01 with pneumonia.  So that leaves only Cous & I to get into trouble.     I wonder if we could hang her by her feet from a  bridge, again!!     Or maybe we could sneak off and go skinny dippin one more time.    I could scare her with those calls of a “bob cat” if I could lure her out into the woods!!     And maybe find some poison oak or ivy to put her sleeping bag on…  

See she was raised in the city  & I am a country girl… I know how to survive!!  

little Mrs Innocent Love ya Cous and only 2 more pills till I’m there.  




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