Square a Starburst

The traditional way to square a starburst pattern is with MORE STARs..  The LeMoyne Star pattern works great as well as  fits  perfectly when you match it with your Starburst.


a full LeMoyne Star Block

a full LeMoyne Star Block


The triangle shaped LeMoyne Star

The triangle shaped LeMoyne

Star-The center triangles are 3 inches.. and because I can NOT match and get this pattern to “lay flat/straight”  I don’t do the traditional sewing of seams together.   I mean who says you have to follow exact directions..and FAIL.???
BACK or SEAM SIDE-the one on the right is where I followed "exact" directions..

BACK or SEAM SIDE-the one on the right is where I followed "exact" directions..

front side of traditional & MY WAY

Work  the front or top side when piecing your LaMoyne Star pattern. 

I press 1/4 inch  of each edge before sewing.. slide “the white”  under the star,matching the creases:  then sew close to the “black” edge of the star.  This way the points are perfect and my piece lays flat.

close up of MY WAY to make a perfect LeMoyne STAR


close up of MY WAY to make a perfect LeMoyne STAR

Start in the corners (square pieces).. then sew in your triangles.  This will make the back look neater and easier to work with when placing it in your Starburst.. The final block should measure 12 1/2 x 12 1/2.. if it doesn’t then add a border around it!!   Your border here could be any color or pattern.   I will use white, since I want the focal point to remain on the STARBURST.   

When finished the top stitching will look great and just become a part of YOUR  quilting.  I will be layering and doing the final quilting on this one during the winter months.  Batting and backing layer still need to be purchased.

My Idea for the reverse or back of this Quilt:

Since this is a small quilt (wall hanging size) I plan on doing  the LeMoyne Star on the back  *one for each corner in white and a black background for the whole back.*.

But you could add color for your back.. Just get CREATIVE when you decide how to finish the back!!   ?? maybe a smaller Starburst pattern??

for those corners..   **this is another reason to study math**

Or just skip on to finding a material that has CHICKENS in it so that it would match one of my front fabrics.  

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!!     

 Don’t be put off by all the angles and problems I found when doing this Quilt Pattern..   It is doable project for any level of quilter.   I only consider myself to be a tad above beginner..but Learn as I try new things…. And share how I solve the problems I have.

Just remember to PRESS often.. And don’t be afraid to “top stitch”  those tricky LeMoyne Stars!!  

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