Hold on

Everything around me came to a Halt!!  Darn flu bug came to visit.  I don’t get sick too often and generally only gets me down for a day or 2, but this time it’s been almost a week.   Headache, fever, chills, coughing, sneezing, all over aches and no appetite MONSTER stuck around for a bit longer.   But I finally got the upper hand and booted it out the door!!  

Back in the 60’s I had the worst round of Asian flu- thought I was gonna meet up with my Ancestors, but after a month long battle my health began to get better.  The results of this battle was that I got one heck of an immune system- I just don’t get as sick as one would expect.  And it only lasts for a couple days.   I seldom have to go to bed or get too weak to make it thru the day.    But as I age, the body doesn’t re cop like it once did!!

So enough  of being on  Hold, I’m up and at it again!!  Got a couple of bags packed and ready to be sent off with Mike to Texas.. He should be leaving a week or 2 ahead of me- He is driving down.  I am flying!!

And there is a charity kit to finish up for Digital Scrapbooking.   Doing the quality checks and sending it off to Angie.   Will let ya know where to purchase it (the entire kit) as soon as it hits the stores. 

My part of the WinterWonderland Charity Kit 4 Beth

My part of the WinterWonderland Charity Kit 4 Beth

Now I need to get caught up on some house cleaning, winterizing, bring in the battery from my Bike so it doesn’t freeze up, and sort thru this Starburst topper and get it squared up before leaving.


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