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I had a couple hours of feeling pretty decent today.   And the fabric was yelling at me to come “cut me up”.  

The Pinwheel has always facinated me, but I never got into doing one because “applique” kept wanting to be center stage.   DD#1 has that top.  I think it still needs to be quilted.. (laughing inside)

Pinwheels are very simple triangles.. just gotta watch how you sew them together to get the right center with opposite colors.   I start with a 5 inch square in 2 contrasting colors.   (since we are swapping Black & White squares, that is what I’ll show you)

the tools and fabrics

the tools and fabrics

There is a cutting mat under the long clear plastic cutting ruler to help keep size and square  cutting.   I love the rotary cutter-just keep a sharp blade in it.. Zip, Zip.. blocks of 5×5.

sliced and setting up the machine sewing

sliced and setting up the machine sewing

OK, I cut the squares into triangles.  Just remember to sew the Longest side..and keep your stack of material all with white side up..and facing the same way.  I just keep feeding them thru the machine til I have them all done. 

You can see the ONE finished pinwheel I did..had to rip out and redo till I got all those points to meet in the center and the  opposite colors just right.   But I am well on the way to getting a 12×12 block ready for the swap..  I may have to add a border around the outside edge if the block isn’t the right size.. Unfinished it should measure 12 1/2 by 12 1/2..allowing for sewing a seam when you put all the blocks together for a quilt.

Once I have this Pinwheel block done,  It’s off to try the Lone Star..

More triangles with those pesky pointy meeting places.. So far I’ve been lucky getting them all to meet properly.  

feeding the triangles thru the machine

feeding the triangles thru the machine

Be back next week with some more quilting shots.   Or if I get this  done early , I’ll be back sooner. 


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