3 a.m.

And I’m awake!!   Darn cat jumped on me in the middle of a sound sleep..so now I’m awake.   Of course I must have wiggled something  or I wouldn’t have gotten ATTACKED!!      I guess it’s better than waking up to something furry under the covers with ya!!

I got to Wally World with the kids today and picked up the B&W fabrics I wanted.    Yup, your gonna love this weeks diamond pattern.  It was a favorite of My Granny.   Only she pieced each one separately by hand.  NOT ME!!   I’m a machine,  getter done Quilter!!

While out, I had my camera and couldn’t resist taking a shot of the fall flowers at the “store”.  

Loads of Gold

Loads of Gold

Lots of fall colors

Lots of fall colors

And wouldn’t you know.. I cleaned out the planters of Tomaotes – cherry sizes.     Guess who helped me gather up the ones on the ground?


Mocha doesn't share her tomato

Mocha doesn't share her tomato

She guarded this wee fruit of the vine all afternoon… I guess if it looks eatable, it must be—–but it doesn’t taste as good as Pork Chops??

OK, the Cat that woke me has decided I am NO FUN and is off to pester someone or something else… Maybe I can get a good nap in before it is time to start my day… 

Plans:   cut some strips for the star pattern..  I promise to share photos and steps..  Later..   Yawn!!      GRR-anny

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