Places from the past

SpringLake Illinois









SpringLake Illinois—Many summers I spent with my Cousins at this lake..playin in the row boat, swimming and just exploring.  Imagine, I survived this large body of water without a life jacket and adult supervision..just a pack of kids being kids around water..   Thank YOU for watching over us all, Lord!


White Swans

White Swans

The White Swans are still the best show at the lake, but now they all wear a BAND around their necks… and frolick/feed amoung the lilly-pads.

lazy swimmer

lazy swimmer

Regal, stately–
Thank YOU Mike for a wonderful afternoon out in the open air and sun with a happy-memory filled road trip.   And the convertible was pretty darn neat, too!!
A friend of the family called and stopped by for a visit.  Cousin Joyce got us together with a few phone calls.  Come to find out that Mike J lives about 30 minutes south of me..right here in Pekin.    Recent widower and  travels to Texas each Winter for 6 months, we infrequently met off and on in the past – so not a complete stranger. 
Someone who shares many of the same events and places that I have..
nice afternoon and visit that I asked God to deliver in my life.   So a trip down memory lane can be painful or beautiful..depends on who you share it with..  
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